Liatris pychnostachya - Blazing Star , Thickspike Gayfeather

  Family: Asteraceae Growth Form: Forb/Herb
  Hydro Zone: +6 and up NWC: FAC-
  C-value: 8 Max Height: 4
  Hardiness Zones: 3 9 Light: Full sun light shade
  Bloom: 18 July 15 Sept. Collect Seed: Fall
  Similar Species: Echinacea pallida, Liatris spp.
  Distinguishing Characteristics: Covered with narrow leaves up to 1' long and up to 1/2" wide at the base of the plant, smaller higher up the stems. Flower clusters form a solid, purplish pink spike up to 1' long, bracts curve backward and have pointed tips.
Early Growth

Mid Growth

Full Growth



Distinguishing Characteristic